Welcome to Halkidiki


Excellent traditional products in each place that motivate your imagination and make the quality of your vacation more desirable. Let the time pass creatively by exploring beaches, locations with a view, events, traditional products, churches, archaeological sites, as based on your interests. And all these in a country that is renowned for her hospitality. Take the chance to make your booking in a variety of options and benefit from super-offers, as many have done, it is very easy, do not miss it! It is time for family vacation!



The holidays are additionally spiced up with delicious cuisine that is renowned throughout the world. Just think of Gyros, Olive oil, even tasty olives, Greeke feta (cheese), and the excellence is fortified like the foundations of Greek temples whose replicas can be seen throughout the world.

Halkidki offers the great products that are offered by the ground and from the other side unforgettable tastes are being offered from the sea since the fishes and the rest of the sea-animals can be found easily and prepared at the best possible way.

If you wish to taste original Greek dishes and you feel like a Greek, then Halkidiki is for you.