Which travel style suits me?

Do you want to turn on the side of the mountain near the sea in a quiet place? Ι have for you a trip for this.

Who can log-in on website?

All adults can register. To determine what kind of travel fits you best you can see the available houses and dates for your best summer vacation.

Is there a fee to sign up?

The entrance to the site is free and can be registered by all adults.

When will I know when there was a confirmation of registration with Sandy Beach Holidays?

You will be received in your email for your registration. Now you are ready for free browsing on my Website for you will take your reservation, accept the cookies for legal reasons.

Can I travel all the seasons?

Of course, the more houses are provided with a fireplace, air contitioner, individual heating (radiator) and hot water.

For more details look the Descriptions and the Amenities.

Are there available houses for rent and for sale outside Halkidiki?

Οf course there are available houses that are constantly updated, especially for sale.

How do I make my reservation?

Make your reservation through my platform easy and fast. It will take you only 2 minutes.

How much days can I rent a house?

Most houses are rented for at least 7 days but you can ask me if you want fewer days.

Can I book without registerer?

Of course, if you will don't want registerer.

How do I get my booking?

After your reservation, your confirmation will be received via your email.

After your reservation, your confirmation will be received via your email?

Yes, but must I will check the reservation first and I confirm your book.

How long will my reservation be confirmed?

I will check your reservation for security reasons and will be notified by email in the short term.

How to cancel my reservation?

You can’t cancel your reservation for security reasons, I can do that for you. All you have to do is ask for it.

I want to travel, but can't I choose this dates in the calendar?

If these dates are closed, you can choose different dates or choose another home. For any cancellation of the original home you would like to be informed by email, but must send me a email to I know. It is enough to get back to us soon to get the book.

How is payment made?

There two payment methods that are either Offline Payment or PayPal.

With Offline Payment or Paypal the advance is 30% by bank deposit before your arrival and the rest via cash or bank deposit.

Do I Pay DAT to Any Other Tax?

DTA is already in the price you made your reservation. No extra tax is paid.

Documents I will need?

Your ID or Passport. Learn about your local community visas. Also make sure you have medical travel insurance for your own pharmaceutical safety. Provided by your local insurance.

Canceled booking and refund?

In the case of a reservation cancellation within two weeks before the date of the reservation, 100% (the advance) is withhold.

If cancellation is made outside the two weeks, 100% (the advance) refunded.

Refund if I leave for emergency reasons?

I'm afraid not, there is no refund due to reservation.

How I take my book when Ι don’t have credit card?

No problem. You can tell my your book dates and I will do for you. Υou can pay with cash when you come in Greece.

Can I register my friend as my parent/guardian?

Of course, only the person you declare for your session should be an adult.

A notification will be made through his / her identity.

What do homes provide?

They are fully equipped houses with all the comforts of a family home.

How many people can be hosted?

In most homes the people who can accommodate are five and above. There is no extra charge for people.

There are houses for fewer people?

Of course, I cooperate with rent rooms.

You can contact with my.


There is parking?

The most of houses have at least one parking space and are mentioned in the details of each house.

Travelling with pets?

Of course you can travel together with your favorite pets except minimal exceptions. I can't deprive you of this pleasure but ask me for sure.

How do I get home?

If you don't have a vehicle, I provide TAXI from the airport to the meeting point with your luggage from 1 to 10 people at extra charge.

What extra services are available with or without payment?

With extra services is: rent a car, TAXI, VIP TAXI, rent a boat.

Without payment is: free parking analogy the house (usually is 2 places and above) free beach and fixed cost of the house.

I charge for services like cleanliness and fixed costs?

The customer has no obligation to clean the houses and their fixed costs.

How do I rent a car?

 I cooperate with car rental where there is a baby/child seat available at extra charge. You can contact with me for your book.

How do I rent a boat?

I cooperate with rent a boat οf different kind at extra charge. You can contact with me for your book.

How to I see house and the surrounding area?

In each house entry on the bottom there is a map with the location of the house.

What can I visit in the area and surrounding areas?

You can browse beautiful beaches, water sports, mountain walks, restaurants, churches, temples, museums, archaeological sites, monasteries, tourist products, night entertainment.

Are tours suitable for visitors with mobility difficulties or sensory dysfunctions?

As your tours take place on foot and by car, they may not be suitable for guests with limited mobility. However, it is allowed at your own responsibility.

At check-out I have some other obligation?

Your only obligation is to receive your gifts and we take commemorative photos.