Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and the capital of the region of Macedonia that has been voted as the “Best Mid-Sized European city for human capital and lifestyle” by the Financial Times in 2014.

Its position in Europe has seen it fall under the control of many different factions over the centuries.  It has churches and mosques – a religious representation of the influence of the other Balkan states that have been linked to its history but with a modern attitude that makes it a really fascinating city to explore.

With a large population in the region of 1.500.000, the city has such diverse architecture – where old meets new – with unique cuisine that still contain the spiced influences from Constantinople, it is for all the world like a gateway to Eastern Europe.

A closer inspection of Thessaloniki, the wonderful city of contrasts. Touring the picturesque places through a gastronomic journey, which present the turbulent history of the city through the flavours and culture of each nationality left as a heritage. It is a very interesting perspective, that makes acquaintance with the city an interactive and engaging experience.

Offering a rich cultural and historical heritage as well as a cosmopolitan café life the city of Thessaloniki invites travelers on a journey of discovery. During your trip to Thessaloniki, you can visit a number of unique museums and attractions, including the Archaeological Museum, the White Tower, some of the splendid churches such as the Byzantine church of St. Dimitrios and climb up the old citadel (Acropolis) to enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

For a day of shopping or dining, with perhaps a museum or the famed White Tower in the mix, you won’t be disappointed.   There is a very young and urbane population and this translates into a night life scene that is international and sophisticated.  Prepare to be enraptured by this wonderful city.

Don’t forget to enjoy some shopping and an ice-cold coffee at the cafés of the city center.