The centre of my interest is the visitor.

I constantly stand by you to offer you information and full support through a great variety of housing options, as affordable as possible, and with great offers so that you can make the most suitable choice for your vacation.

Benefiting from years of constant involvement in the field of real estate and marketing and from a variety of experiences and expertise, I am in a position to offer you the most memorable holidays in Halkidiki!

 I select the owners of the houses with the best of interaction for the best of your service and this is something that stands out from the rest of offering service nowadays.

 I believe that real estate is more than housing, it is a place for recreation, entertainment, and getaway from your routine, and hence it is worth of respect.

 You can depend on me for all the details that concern you for this beautiful trip with no worries at all. 

I plan and prepare myself before the arrival of every single visitor so that I can service him best.

 My priority is to offer you clean, comfortable, and well-equipped housing.

I totally respect your needs and I always respond with seriousness.

I give you detailed information on what you can visit and see in the area and the surrounding areas like: tourist attractions, beaches, traditional products, sightseeing, historical sites, churches, recreation sites, or special events/celebrations.

My aim is to meet every single one of you and to develop a personal relationship with you.

I try to give the best of myself with the best of attitude always.

I goodbye you with souvenirs and my wishes for a safe and smooth return back home.

I cordially thank you for your preference all these years.

I will be more than happy to welcome you, if I have not done so already.

The visitors I have had this far have obtained the best of impressions from their vacation.

Why wouldn’t you too?